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If data and figures speak of the success then what will you call an organization which has a user base of 20 million users from all corners of the world. It has a strong database of 365 million relationships built with 500 million messages every month. Way2sms is one such website which allows users to stay connected throughout the world cost free. Its free sms (short message service) sending service has made it popular amongst all class of people. Users of way2sms don’t have to fight every day with the problems such as low memory and message clearance every now and then.

It is great in keeping in touch with friends and family members from round the world simultaneously as you can chat with your gtalk and messenger contacts along with cell phone chats. It allows sending free sms from any part of the world to India free of cost without any monthly limit or any other restrictions. One can send as many sms he/she wants from any part of the world to his/her loved one staying, many miles away from him/her in India. This service has made lives of many people very easy.

About Way2sms

Network related problems allied with almost all the Indian telecommunication service providers is no more an issue for way2sms subscribers. The facility is powered by internet and thus does not suffer problems faced due to fluctuating networks. Its group sms sending service is awesome in keeping in touch with mass. Unlike other free sms service providers in India with way2sms your sms is sure to be delivered on time. timely deliverance holds very important role in communications. For example its some one’s birthday on a particular day and you wish him greetings for the day and if it is not delivered on the same day and instead delivered on the next day then it is of no use.

Apart from the timeliness, you can maintain a contact book in your account of way2sms like in mobile phones. You can schedule your sms sending as per to your requirement. This scheduling helps you in not messing up with birthdays and anniversary dates. You can schedule up these dates and from the way2sms service it will be maintained flawlessly. If until now you were unaware of the service of way2sms, it’s never too late to start. You can start it now, all you have to just register for it free of cost and start using the service.

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