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Way2sms forgot password

In the hustle bustle of life it is quite evident that we forget many things. From our daily tasks to our personal and professional responsibilities, a man has to work with the stamina of a horse and brain like a computer to meet up all the demands. If he forgets any one thing then he can expect a storm rising up in next few hours. This is the story of everybody today, rich or poor, young or old, man or woman, all go through the same. And to aid to the physical rush, mental burden increases by memorizing almost everything. Everything is password protected from Email logins to railway reservations and ATM cards.

These are a few things of daily use and require you to remember the passwords. With so many passwords it is oblivious for a man to forget a few passwords. If you happen to forget the way2sms password, then worry not. There is an easy way out by which you can reset the password. There are two ways to do it and they are:

You will be asked for your mobile number when you click on forgot password link. Once you enter the mobile number, we will send your password as a text message on your mobile number. But, this is true only if your mobile number is active.

Way2sms Forgot Password

Way2sms Forgot Password

Another way of retracing the way2sms password is by using the missed call facility. Once you enter your mobile number a toll free number is displayed on your screen which you have to dial. They confirm your identity thereafter and once they are satisfied with your verification of your identity, they let you know your password.

Way2SMS Misscall Forget password

Way2SMS Misscall password

Unlike other services you won’t have to wait for hours before you retrace your password. All you need to do is to follow any of the above two steps to regain it. Once you get it back make sure you don’t forget it yet again, otherwise you will have to go through the entire process again. To not to forget your way2sms password this easily it is advisable to set one which is easy to remember yet strong. This can be done by taking help of the link which says “how to create easy to remember strong password.” This link helps you in setting your password such that you don’t forget easily. Your key to way2sms is its password only.

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