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Way2sms android application

Chat with your Gtalk, Yahoo, and FB friends until you get tired of chatting using your android phone. The way2sms android application is best for android phone users with more than a couple of friends and who like to keep in touch with people. Using android application it will be more convenient for you to send text messages to your friend from anywhere in the world to India. Today people from 30 countries visit the way2sms website every day. This number is huge to witness its outreaching popularity.

The latest buzz in the technology market today is android application. And, the latest buzz on the internet world is way2sms. It is currently the fastest growing portal in India with a new acquisition rate of 25000 new users a day. If the two buzz makers are used cumulatively, it can create a buzz in the society. For the people moving with time, this new android application of way2sms is a great feature which adds to their personality like a jelly on top of an ice cream. Way2sms is a 360 degrees communication tool. The android application makes it very handy for frequent sms senders to use it anywhere at any time.

Way2SMS android app for free sms

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The android application has many features like saving mobile number, way2sms account details. This is a big issue usually faced by many new users to remember password all the time of each application. Also in the busy schedule of life it is obvious that people forget passwords. So this application helps you in saving your memory to remember something else while it saves your password in its memory. This application gives you an additional option to select contact number from your phone book. To have an android phone means to be at par with the pace of the world. In order to be abreast with the pace of the world one has to have proper knowledge of everything that is going on in the world.

This particular android application helps you to stay in touch with many people all together. The good thing about using it is that it is very easy and handy. Today almost everyone has an android device either in the form of a mobile phone or a tablet. This application serves as a great booster at times when you are stuck somewhere and have no other means of communication.

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