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Way2sms registration

First thing of any website is its subscription. Way2sms leads in that as it is very easy to subscribe with the free service provider. You just have to fill in a very small form which asks for very basic information about the subscriber.

The free messaging service powered by way2sms is very easy to use. Once a person becomes the user of the service, person can send sms from across the world to India. It is very easy to subscribe with the way2sms service as it requires filling in a brief form. For the first time users the way2sms registration form requires following details:

  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Email
  4. Profession
  5. City
  6. Monthly income
  7. Your mobile number
Way2sms Register

Way2sms Registration

These are very general details to keep your identity. Once you are a user of way2sms service, you can enjoy all the benefits of it. After one time registration, every time you login, you just need to fill in your mobile number and the password. Your mobile number acts like your username and just a four character password is initially granted to you by way2sms. After first time log in, you can re-set it. Your first time password or activation code will be mailed to you on the mail-ID or text to you on your mobile number that you have filled in your registration form. Use that password to log in for the first time.

Secure your password strongly as it is the only key to your account. Any person can misuse your account by sending sms from your number to all your contacts. To create a strong password you can go through “how to create easy to remember strong password”. Your password should be strong yet easy to remember as you need it each time you log in your account. The strength of the password depends on the length of it and the characters used in it.

There are no registration fees or any other kind of payments that you need to make to subscribe to free sms sending service. In case of any such demands you can cancel the registration process right there and then as it is not an authentic way2sms website, instead a fraud.

Way2sms registration URL is http://www1.way2sms.com/jsp/UserRegistration.jsp. Just visit the website and login your details to start using the service provided.

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